OUR MISSION: WHAT WE DO EVERY DAY. At Arsenal Tire Solutions we help our clients in the mining (underground and open pit), transportation, and construction to load more, move more, and move further with less tires. We do this with our  Arsenal Cost-Effective Tires, the Tire Sensors by Telemetry , and Arsenal Liquid Powder guarantnteeing a reduction in the cost of operation.

ARSENAL TIRES. Arsenal designs, imports and distributes affordable premium tires under our own brand with an extraordinary competitive quality in areas of underground transportation, construction, and mining sectors with the vision of reducing their total ownership tire cost for our customers.

MINING. For the mining area, we offer a wide range of patterns for equipment with load capacities from 30 to 400+ metric tons with sizes ranges from 17.5R25 to 59/80R63 E4 (ie. Caterpillar 997 rigid trucks). In underground mining, we carry measurements from 9.00R20 to 35/65R33 L5S.

TRANSPORTATION. On the transportation area, we handle tires with real high load capacity in addition to having extraordinary performance in the road, off-road, and mining hauling operations.

AUTO / PICKUP. For our auto and pickup segment, we offer confidence and support in the everyday city, fun and dirt, work, and mud segments, as well as fun and high-speed performance.

TELEMETRY TIRE SENSORS.  In addition, we have the most advanced fleet solution of telematic & real-time tire sensors where you will be able to monitor, from the operator's cabin as well as the office, the pressure, and temperature. This generates an organizational culture change and gives the power to maintain the right pressures at your convenience and increase mobile vehicle's uptime.




Arsenal brings closer our solutions to our the high-demand operations of our loyal customers .

We help you to focus on your business !

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